Providing professional derivatives products and solutions to our EMEA and global client base; from idea generation and origination to structuring and efficient execution.

We provide market making services in vanilla interest rate derivatives to a wide range of institutional and wholesale clients, in addition to other entities within the wider Mizuho Group. These derivative products include: fixed to floating, basis, overnight index and variable notional swaps; predominantly focusing on the core Euro, Dollar and Yen currencies.

Derivatives solutions to issuer clients are provided in conjunction with primary markets DCM advisory activities to tailor interest rate and currency profiles to client’s requirements. Here, we adopt a “solutions-based approach”, where we deliver suitable hedging structures and transactions which support funding recommendations to issuers.  Working closely with primary debt markets covering corporates, financial institutions and sovereign, supranational and agency clients across the EMEA region,   Debt Capital Market-related derivative transactions are provided in the context of benchmark public issuance, private placements and client asset/liability management.
We also work closely with financing functions, to provide risk management solutions for structured finance transactions, event-driven acquisitions or M&A deals and to provide rates and credit solutions to meet client funding requirements or hedge different market risks.

Financing-related derivative transactions may either be executed with Mizuho’s UK authorised securities dealer, Mizuho International, or with Mizuho Bank.  Depending on client requirements and subject to Mizuho risk policy and applicable regulation, transactions may be executed either in cleared, collateralised or uncollateralised form.

We also provide more bespoke derivatives advisory and solutions as part of our Structured Solutions business. With our team’s depth of experience in global rates and currency markets, we advise clients on market pricing & liquidity, optimal execution, credit mitigation and exposure diversification, ensuring the right balance is found between risk and cost.

We maintain full back office support for our derivative operations, allowing rapid response to clients and incorporating specialist operations, legal and compliance support. With sophisticated risk management functionality, we are able to offer efficient execution whilst comprehensively managing market and credit risks.

We are an LCH SwapClear direct clearing member as well as fully compliant with European EMIR reporting regulations

Derivatives offered by Mizuho International plc, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd.


Our highly experienced international equity team is a pan-Asian, full-service securities group covering institutional clients in the UK and continental Europe. We provide pan-Asian equity sales and research, corporate access and execution. This service encompasses cash, as well as convertible bonds and derivative products.  We are also a leading primary distributor of both Japanese equities and equity-related new issues.

Our premier institutional client base consists of sovereign wealth funds, corporate pension funds, institutional investment managers, specialist pan-Asian asset managers, insurance companies and hedge funds.

Equities offered by Mizuho International plc, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd.

Fixed income

We provide an extensive range of fixed income products and solutions to a wide range of institutional investors across the EMEA region and globally. Our market leading traders, sales and strategists are focused on specific products or regions, each with a high level of relevant expertise within their area of specialisation.

Our clients include asset managers, life insurance entities, pension funds, central banks, sovereign agencies and supranational entities. We also deal extensively with international banks, hedge funds, private banking and wealth management offices.

We are actively market-making the following products for clients.

Rates markets:

  • European Rates: European Government Bonds (EGBs), Vanilla derivatives;
  • Japanese Government Bonds (JGBs);
  • United States Treasuries (USTs);
  • Sovereign, Supra’s & Agencies SSAs; and
  • Repo Financing.

Assisting our clients to actively manage portfolios and optimise risk profiles through providing our own expertise in interpreting the macroeconomic outlook in conjunction with specific micro level relative value recommendations.

Credit markets:

  • Investment Grade Corporates;
  • Senior Financials;
  • High Beta Credit (Cross Over, High Yield, Bank Capital);
  • Emerging Markets; and
  • Structured Solutions (Risk facilitation solutions & Structured Products).

    • We operate across the major currencies with a particular focus on EUR, USD and JPY.

      Our focus in secondary Fixed Income is specifically aligned to our Primary DCM objective with turnover in the bonds of our key issuer clients a priority for the business.
      As an active market-maker and participant on the electronic trading platforms, we provide targeted liquidity for clients with a focus on facilitating risk transfer; we make extensive use of our sophisticated electronic trading technology in accessing a wide investor base and delivering market-leading execution. Our highly experienced sales team hold key client relationships and have in-depth expertise by region, ensuring value-added, solutions-driven sales coverage for our clients across the EMEA region and globally in partnership with other Mizuho Securities entities.

      Through our established profile on electronic trading platforms and via our dedicated network of sales and trading teams, we provide a seamless advisory and execution service for our clients.

      Our market-leading strategists provide thought provoking strategic insight and investment ideas for clients as well as proactive bespoke comment in reaction to current market events and trends.

      Fixed income offered by Mizuho International plc, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd.

Foreign exchange

We deliver both the global reach and local knowledge to help our clients manage currency risk exposure.

Our strategic consultation, superior execution and excellence in FX research make us a full-service market maker and active liquidity provider in all major OTC currency markets. 

For our corporate clients, we provide hedging solutions, focusing on liability risk management and structured deposits. To better coordinate risk management activities, our teams are at the ready, around the world—New York, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai.

Foreign exchange offered by Mizuho Bank, Ltd.

Structured solutions

Comprised of fixed income structured product offerings, the team  originates, structures, provides pricing, trades and distributes across a wide range of derivative and credit instruments with special focus on:

Bank balance sheet solutions

  • Credit portfolio management tools;
  • Risk weighted asset relief in the form of Significant Risk Transfer (“SRT”);
  • Portfolio disposals; and
  • Counterparty Credit Risk solutions.

Structured MTN

  • Structured MTNs from Mizuho and third party issuers;
  • Repackaged notes;
  • Creation of exposures to meet specific investor demands; and
  • Incorporation of forex, rates, credit and equity overlays.

Structured funding

  • Structured funding solutions secured against securities portfolios

Structured solutions offered by Mizuho International plc, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd.