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Independent macroeconomic research:

We provide key analysis, forecasts and commentary on macroeconomic and market developments.


Fixed income analysis

Our rates strategists cover rates markets in both cash and derivatives, researching macro and micro themes and providing frequent analysis and trade ideas.

Our credit analysts provide coverage of a wide range of individual credits, including banks and non-financial corporates.

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Mizuho Global Perspective - G4 forecast updates FY2019

Reports brought to you by Mizuho Bank, Ltd.

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Mizuho Global Weekly Preview FY2019

This week's report brought to you by Mizuho Bank, Ltd.

03 April 2020


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Mizuho Market Comment FY2019

The latest insights brought to you by Mizuho Bank, Ltd.

In brief:

Global recession watch

  • The Chinese data over the weekend were shocking - far below expectations for January and February.
  • Ex-China COVID-19 cases are now greater than those within China. The economic impact is spreading too.
  • Recessions in many countries across the world now look likely. Central banks have stepped up, in size...
  • ...although the fiscal response is still in low gear.

Read the full report - 16 March 2020


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Currency reports FY2019: Daily Yen Watch

Latest report in brief:

The crisis playbook: Go hard, go early

  • Early gains fade as number of COVID-19 infections tops 1 million. Topix ends lower for 5th consecutive day
  • Choppy JGB session. 2yr sector outperforms. USD/JPY little changed 
  • FX intervention picked up among a number of countries in March. Japan to remain on the side lines for now
  • Fiscal package details due next week. Portfolio flows data for March also due

    Read the full report - 03 April 2020

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    Mizuho Dealer's View FY2019: EMEA emerging currencies

    Bringing you a clear insight into, and analysis of, the movements and trends of EMEA currencies from a dealer's perspective.

    March: 30 | 23160902

    February: 24171003

    January: 27201306


    Currency reports: CEEC | Russian Rouble | South African Rand | Turkish Lira

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    Japanese equity

    Our extensive equity research covers all sectors of the Japanese marketplace, including autos and auto parts, banks, chemicals, computer and software, construction, consumer electronics, cross-sector, economics, electronics devices, energy, entertainment, financial services, fishery, agriculture and forestry, foods, glass and ceramics, healthcare, industrial electronics, information technology, insurance, machinery, media and internet, nonferrous metals, pharmaceuticals, precision instruments, printing, quants, real estate and housing, REIT, retail, semiconductor device production equipment, services, shipbuilding and plant, steel products, strategy, technical analysis, telecommunications, textiles and apparel, trading companies, transportation, utilities and wholesale.

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