Regulatory, legal and compliance information and policies applicable to Mizuho Bank, Ltd. products and services.

General notices: 

Warning about phishing scams:

Recently, business activities have been promoted by an entity identifying itself as "Mizuho DKB Brokerage". Please be advised that this entity is not part of the Mizuho Financial Group and its affiliates have NO affiliation with this business entity.


Disclaimer for Insights & opinion articles:

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AO Mizuho Bank (Moscow)

Regulatory, legal and compliance information relating to AO Mizuho Bank (Moscow).

Mizuho Bank, Ltd - Düsseldorf and Frankfurt Branches

Disclosure Report FY2018 (German)(PDF/499KB)
General Business Conditions (German)(PDF/1,164KB)
General Business Conditions (English)(PDF/126KB)
Data Protection Information (German & English)(PDF/264KB)
Complaints Management(PDF/107KB)
Depositor Information Sheet(PDF/163KB)
Data Protection Information for Candidates (German)(PDF/229KB)

Mizuho Bank, Ltd. - London Branch

Financial Services Compensation Scheme:

Your eligible deposits with Mizuho Bank Ltd., London Branch are protected up to a total of £85,000 by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, the UK's deposit protection scheme. This limit is applied to the total of any eligible deposit accounts you have with Mizuho Bank Ltd. Any total deposits you hold above the £85,000 limit are not covered. For further information about your rights under the FSCS.

Protecting Your Money fscs Protected


UK Money Markets Code:

UK Money Markets Code - Statement of Commitment


Policy for the management of conflicts of interest:

This describes how Mizuho Bank Group will manage any conflicts of interest that may arise out of or in relation to transactions to be concluded by and between customers and Mizuho Financial Group, Inc. or any of the consolidated subsidiaries and equity method affiliates of the Mizuho Financial Group, Inc. that are shown in the financial statements. This is done for the purpose of eliminating and preventing the opportunity for the interests of the customers of the MHBK Group to be unfairly impaired as a result of those transactions.

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Report Disclaimer:

This document provides Mizuho Bank's (London branch) general disclaimer regarding its reports uploaded to the Mizuho EMEA website.

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Tax Strategy:

This policy document sets out the UK tax strategy for the London branch of Mizuho Bank, Ltd.

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Our approach to Personal Data:

As well as the personal information we hold on our own employees, we collect and use certain data about individuals employed by/working for our corporate clients. This information is covered by the European data protection law. We set out in detail our approach to handling personal data in our Privacy Notice which explains individuals' rights in relation to their personal data. In addition to the more detailed reasons we set out in our Privacy Notice, in summary we collect and use information about individuals employed by/working for our clients for three main purposes:

  1. to satisfy our regulatory obligations with respect to anti-money laundering legislation, 'know your client' obligations and various other regulatory or legal requirements;
  2. to enable us to provide services and products to our clients (for example, by collecting contact details for trade confirmations, reconciliations, and the details of individuals should we provide certain payments services on behalf of our clients); and
  3. for marketing purposes so that we can discuss our product offering with our clients and send them information about Mizuho Financial Group services and products.

If individuals employed by/working for our clients no longer want to receive any such communications from us, they are free to opt out at any time by informing their relationship manager, or replying to the relevant email and asking to unsubscribe.

Our Privacy Notice also forms part of our MiFID II Terms and Conditions.

Mizuho Bank, Ltd London Branch - Privacy Notice

Mizuho Bank, Ltd. - Milan Branch

Data Protection Notice in English | Informativa Privacy in Italian


Mizuho Bank, Ltd. - Paris Branch

Regulatory, legal and compliance information relating to Paris Branch.


Mizuho Saudi Arabia Company

Regulatory, legal and compliance information relating to Mizuho Saudi Arabia Company.

Mizuho Bank, Ltd Corporate Governance