Marvin Arras
Marvin Arras
Ratings Analyst
European Corporate Finance

Years in the industry: 1 year

Areas of focus: Corporate Ratings

Tell us a bit about your background

I studied finance at Universities in Germany, Spain, Japan and the UK. I have always tried to make my university experience as international as I could, and I aimed to challenge myself. Whilst at university, I was working at EY in Berlin and gained my first insights in Corporate Finance. When I completed my Master’s degree in 2017 in London, I applied to Mizuho.

What is your role at Mizuho?

I am part of the Ratings team within the European Corporate Finance Department in London. We produce ratings for the corporate capital structure of existing clients and of potential new clients. One part of that is scenario analysis, where we look how a rating of a client would change in certain situations like e.g. during an acquisition or refinancing.

What prompted you to join us?

I first became acquainted with Mizuho in Japan and heard about the positive working environment. So, when I started my job hunt, I kept looking at Mizuho’s careers section until I found a role matching my field of interest. The interview process was well organised and took place in a friendly atmosphere. My questions were answered in detail, so I had an excellent idea about the work and the various career options at Mizuho.

What surprised you at Mizuho?

I am fascinated by the team-spirit and the support from my colleagues. If there is a tight deadline on a project, everyone will contribute on time and support each other. In the end it pays off and we can celebrate together.

What are the values that drive you?

I am trying to improve and innovate on a daily basis. As long as I learned something new and have mastered another challenge, together with my team, I call it a successful day. Having days like these in succession drives me tremendously.

What is on your wish list for your next few years here?

I am looking forward to gaining more experience in Corporate Finance analysis and to develop my technical skill-set so that I can develop my future career. In addition, I am currently studying towards the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) qualification and I am looking forward to attending further workshops offered here at Mizuho.

What else interests you, outside of financial services?

I enjoy having an active lifestyle and undertake a sporting activity of one kind or another on a daily basis. I am also passionate about playing tennis and I am always ready for a match. Each summer I go surfing and currently, I am planning a trip to Latin America. I love exploring different cultures and pursuing adventures.