Our success stories in EMEA


Global Capital

Mizuho acts as bookrunner on winning High Yield deal in Global Capital’s Corporate Bond Deals of the Year

Wind Tre won in Global Capital’s High Yield Bond Deal of the Year category. Our London Securities team is proud to have acted as a bookrunner on this transaction:

“Wind Tre broke high yield records in October with Europe’s largest ever high yield bond issue, including the largest HY floating rate note, which also has an innovative non-call structure of six months plus six months with a 101 soft call. Such was the demand, a mooted dollar FRN was not needed. This deal lit a fire under the HY market which burned for the remainder of 2017”.

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Inspired By Mentoring awards 2016 - 2017

The London securities business Mizuho International, was named a runner-up for ‘Dynamic Mentoring Organisation of the Year’ in the 30% Club’s ‘Inspired by Mentoring’ awards. The awards celebrate the achievements of organisations involved in the scheme, as well as their mentors and mentees. Read more about our involvement here.




Number one ranking on Bloomberg in Euro Corporates

We continue to benefit from our substantial investments into and strategic focus on e-trading. We are proud to report that we ranked #1 on Bloomberg in 2017 on Euro IG Corporates, the most important client platform for Credit Bonds. We also made significant improvement in flow financials and generally continue to build out our footprint in other products such as derivatives. Financial markets are increasingly becoming an IT game and our strong e-trading platform allows us to scale our business, increase our distribution channels and create a level playing field with the bulge bracket competition.



Our success stories internationally


Best Digital Bank

Asiamoney best bank awards 2017: Japan

Digital transformation is taking a hold of the financial industry and we’re not one to be left behind. We constantly strive to be at the forefront of digital innovation and we’re proud to have won the award for the best digital bank in Japan for 2017. Read more about what we have done in the industry here.